make up bag sewing tutorial with video

What you will need

Zipper - Nylon zipper
fusible fleece - Shop now!

 fuse the fleece to the back of each main piece of fabric
 sewing straight lines down the bag with 1/4" between seems until you have done the entire piece of fabric

Prepare the bag strap by iron the sides in by 1", fold again and press, sew along each side of the strap with a 1/8" seam allowance

 attach the one side of the bag to the zipper then top stitch
 attach the other side of the bag to the zipper
top stitch the other side of the bag

 folding the bag with lining side out sew along the edge parallel to the zipper

 flatten the bag with the seam going right down the centre lining up with the zipper underneath
cut a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square out of each corner of the bag and then sew up either side of the bag (be sure to pull the zipper down half way before sewing up the sides.

 flatten the notches with the side seam of the bag centered in the fold, on the top of the bag you will place the strap on the inside through the notches

 flip the bag right sides out once all the notches have been sew up:D
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