A tutorial on how to make these fun crepe paper tassels for parties or backdrops

 i found it easiest to use these streamers but you can easily make these out of tissue paper
a few other things you will need
Cut 6 strips 20-30" long
fold in half
place a pencil at the folded end
 Twist the pencil gently
 a video tutorial posted above :D
place a strip of tape to hold it in place, remove the pencil and that hole will be where you thread you string or ribbon through
 cut up the strips to the pencil in 1/4" strips, you can easily use scissors but i found it very fast with a rotary cutter and ruler if you have those on hand
 thread a string through the holes and then hang!
looks really cute if you make them shorter and alot more of course but you get the idea ;)

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