✂✂ DIY - Note Book Cover with Pockets - sewing tutorial ✂✂

This tutorial is catered to a standard composition notebook but can be altered to fit any size note books
 Three pockets to store notes, post its, page holders and more! 

Fabric Selection, i chose three types, Pink flamingo is going to be the cover and pockets, the blue pink flamingo is going to be the lining, the grey chevron is going to be the page sleeve

                                        Hem the top of the pocket pieces (along the 7" side)

Stack the pocket pieces shortest on top, making sure each piece is lined up on the bottom

Place The pockets on the right side of the pocket fabric and then sandwich with another pocket piece, making sure the top pocket pieces right side is facing towards the pocket (this will be flipped right side out)

Sew down the one side securing the pockets to the pocket piece

              Flip right side out and top stitch very close to the edge, as show in the photo below

Take the other two remaining sleeve pieces and sew down the one side, turn over and top stitch close to the edge 

place the sleeve pieces down onto the cover fabric (making sure pockets are facing the cover)

 Place the lining fabric right side down top
Sew the perimetre of the piece leaving a 3" hole for turning (i find it best to do it between the two sleeve pieces)
Clip the corners to reduce the bulk when turning and help create a sharper corner

Turn your piece through this hole and then sew it up with a top stitch

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