My second attempt at paper piecing

Hey guys! so today i attempted a paper piece design that went a little beyond the beginner level, its still a beginner pattern but def more intricate

i went over to my fabric store and purchased some cheaper broadcloth to practice with

Find broadcloth here!
i printed out the pattern, placed the rose picture on my wall and cut out each piece seperately, this block is divided into 4 sections
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i started off by doing the flower first with my light pink fabric and slowly followed the numbers until i did every section
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every time you are finished one piece of fabric you fold the next line with the corresponding number and use you quarter ruler and slice a quarter of an inch away from the paper to create your seam allowance, then line up a new slice of fabric with that cut edge and sew along the line on the paper

this is how the paper will start to appear, in some spots you might have to rip the paper which is totally ok,  always sew 1/4" of an inch past before and past the line

when you are finished with one section of the block you will cut along the outer line of the pattern which accounts for you seam allowance on all sides, this is a complete section now its time to go onto the next

here i have completeed all four sections and now its time to sew all of the pieces together, i find it easier to keep the paper attached on the back so you can continue to follow the lines as you sew the entire block together

*** PRO TIP - USE A SMALLER STITCH, IT WILL HELP WHEN RIPPING OFF THE PAPER WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED, it will help prevent paper sticking into the stitches

Find this rose pattern over at -

then you done :D make into blanket, pillow, mug rug, coaster, frame for a work of art! possibilties are endless and so many free patterns on the web to take advantage of :)

I will provide a link to a video on how to actually do the paper piecing if you dont actually know how

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