8:06 PM

Havnt been on in a while

Hey guys, so sorry i havnt been around... we have been renovating, and i am now just starting to relax from all of that! (its not quite don...
6:23 PM

Follow me!

Hey guys, sitting back watching some American Idol and thought i would leave a little note on my Blog This is my first time having a blog,...
12:43 PM

MPS Challenge!!

Hey guys, i would like to share my "My pink Stamper" challenge This is for easter since its coming up Hope you like it!
4:39 PM

A few new cards

A Few other cards, i made for the Craft show and some Photo Holders or Note holders for your Desk Hope you like them
4:36 PM

Craft show

Hey Followers, i just had my first Craft show the other day It was slightly bothered by the Storm we had in the morning, but none the less...
9:41 AM

New Card Additions!

Hey guys! im doing a Craft show in St Catharines Ontario Canada!! I have been a busy bee making all kinds of creations to sell Here ar...
4:54 PM

Picture Holders

Hey, i saw these before... but they were just used as covered Binder clips, so i did some research and found that people were decorating the...
3:35 PM

My Hubbys Valentines Day Card

Hey Guys, So i went out and found some killer deals... i have wanted a cuttle bug for the looooooooongest time! ... its 68 dollars in Canada...
7:28 PM
Thanks to everyone who Participated in the Brocantelux scavenger hunt! and Congrats to the winner Sailormouth Stay!  
7:43 AM

Brocante Lux Scavenger Hunt

Hey guys, this is for the Fashion and Art Market, located in st catharines, at the Market Square downtown Your next Hint is Facebook yo...
2:19 PM

More Cards Wooh!!

Hey Guys, i have been a Busy BEE working in my Factory (lol) to make more Cards for the BrocanteLux Art and Fashion show happening in my Cit...
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