Chevron Cowl Scarf!

This is the Pattern to my Soft Chevron Cowl scarf!

Designed to wrap around your neck once with lots of layers to keep your neck nice and warm and when things get a little windy you can pull up the back over your head. 

This Cowl is 51 Chains and 50 Rows of double crochet (changing colours every 5 rows)

6mm Hook
Worsted weight yarn
Row 1 - Chain 51
Row 2 - 2DC in 4th chain from hook, *1DC in next 3 stitches, DC2TG x 2, 1DC in next 3 stitches, 2DC in next 2 stitches, Repeat * until end of row, 2DC in last stitch, ch3
Row 3 - 1dc in first stitch and repeat *row 2

To watch a demonstration of me making the chevron head on over to my you tube channel !

 Love this look and the colours i used! White and Sea-foam green (from red heart soft)

This pattern is great for blankets too! 

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