newborn crochet baby pants tutorial

 newborn crochet baby pants tutorial

Supplies - Worsted weight yarn
I used - Red heart white -
Red Heart soft in pink -

5mm Hook -
darning needle -
scissors -

Ch 7+1 (8)
Row 1 - sc in every stitch, (7)
Row 2 - ch 1, Sc in back loop only in every stitch (7)
Row 3 - 50 or until the piece measures 14.5 inches (remember to ch 1 before turning your work) , sew ends together and flip right side out
sc 50 stitches equally around the waist band (on the side of the band)

Attach secondary colour and being working on the top of the pant portion
Row 1 - 7 ch 2, dc in every stitch, connect to ch 2 with slip stitch, ch 2 
(total of 7 pink rows before starting with pant leg)
(do not fasten off)

Starting on first pant leg
Row 1 - *ch 2, dc in the next 24 stitches (25) slip stitch into ch 2 to create first hole of pant leg
Row 2 - 7, * repeat row 1, fasten off

Starting second pant leg
Attach same colour to crotch area (to ensure seam stays down the inner leg)
 Row 1, * ch2, dc in every stitch (25) slip stitch into ch 2 to create hole of second pant leg
 Row 2 - 7, * repeat row 1, fasten off

Girl version - Picot Trim

Attach white yarn
Row 1-  ch 2, hdc in every stitch around, (25)
Row 2 - Ch 3, put hook through 1st chain of the *chain 3, sc, skip stitch, sc in next to create your first picot, Continue *, fasten off

Do the same to the next pant leg
Fasten off and weave in ends and your done!  

Thank you so much to watch the step by step video please click the link below to check out my youtube channel! 

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