Scrubby made out of netting - Double sided scrubby

Double sided scrubby

 This is a tutorial for a double sided scrubby, cotton yarn on the back great for those delicate dishes and scrubby side for the hard to clean dishes.

Netting was purchased for $2 a metre but can be purchased as low as .74 cents at
Cotton yarn for the softer side - Sugar n cream 

Video tutorial

First fold your netting length ways according style, i used my hand clips to keep it all lined up

 Cut into 2-3" strips
 First make the soft side with your cotton yarn
I used a 5mm Hook

 Ch4, slip stitch to create a loop
10sc into the centre
Round 2 - 2sc in each stitch (20) -
slip stitch to finish the round
Round 3 - Ch1, *2sc in the next , 1 sc in the next *Repeat till end of row (30)  -
Round 4 - Ch1, *2sc in the next, 1 sc in the next 2 *repeat till end of row - 
Round 5 - Ch1, *2sc in the next, 1 sc in the next 3 *repeat till end of the row - 

Do not fasten off just remove from hook till finished with the scrubby circle.

 Using the same pattern as the cotton circle do the same with the netting, once you run out of netting attach another strip by typing a knot
 You will end up with two circles that are identical (mine are not identical but following this pattern it will be identical... lol )

put the two circles together with the nice sides out and slip hook through a stitch of the scrubby and then into the white circle pulling the loop of yarn through the scrubby.

Single crochet each stitch together around the whole entire circle
 at first its a little tricky lining up the circles, its easiest to put the hook through the scrubby then the cotton circle, eventually the stitches line up nicer and things will go faster

This is how the front looks like

this is how the back will look like (only yours will be Single crochets)

Red heart introduce a new Scrubby yarn and i have used it and i can tell you i do not enjoy using this yarn, its very hard to see what you are doing, the end product is great but if i had to choose which one was easier to work with i would say the netting in a heart beat. 

This pattern will work if you choose to use this "yarn" but you've been warned... hehe  

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