Free Pattern - Plaid slouchy hat - Adult Size

Easy Crochet Plaid Hat - Adult

What you will need

5mm Hook
Redheart Red
Redheart Black -
Redheart Bordeau - (a burgundy colour)
Darning needle
Pom Pom - fur or yarn - fur pom pom tutorial - youtube tutorial

Sc – Single Crochet
Sl St - Slip stitch
Ch – Chain
Dc – Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
BLO - Back Loop only

For this tutorial to create a plaid looking hat you will choose 3 colours, 1 primary, 1 dark and one medium colour

Its suppose to look as if the two other colours have come together and blended, Red and Black coming together would sorta look like burgundy so thats why these colours work so well together!

For other plaid version such as Pink and White use a Dark pink, White and a Light pink, if you are using White then the intersecting colour would be lighter, if your using a dark colour such as black the intersecting colour would be a darker version of the primary colour. (if that make sense...)

Ribbed Band
Ch 7.
Row 1 - HDC in 2nd chain from hook, repeat till end of the row (6) ch1, Turn your work
Row 2 - 46 (or whatever fits your head) HDC in BLO in each stitch, Ch1, turn your work

Continue until the band fits comfortably around your head or about 46 rows for an adult hat -
Average head size for a woman is 21" and for men its 23"

Creating a loop with the band you will sew the ends together with slip stitches and then continue on one side of the band with single crochets, evenly space out in multiples of three about 69 stitches. (if you end up with more or less just thats fine just make sure they are a multiple of 3)

Row 1 (of Double crochets
Do not tie off,

Ch2, DC in the next stitch, Dc in the next stitch but finish the final pull through with the burgundy, dropping the black working it into the stitches as you go, switch from burgundy to black every three DC, (69)

Row 2, Drop the Black, attach Red, do the same as the row before but interchanging the red and the burgundy (burgundy will be carried through each row, you can cut the other colours off as you need them if you like and tie in the ends or carfully detangle yourself as you go and keep them  all attached... which yes is a pain in the ass... I left it attached cuz i loathe tying in ends...)
I will be attaching a fur pom pom and will leave a link to the
video tutorial how to make these pom poms

Row 3 - 14 repeat rows 1 and 2 until the end

Tie off leaving a long tail, sew around the perimeter of the hat and pull tight to  close up the hole


For the child sizes follow the link :D 

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