Valentines Creation

7:04 PM
Hey, so i just got the Paisley Cartridge and i decided to make some valentines day cards with it, since it has some very sweet animals, and love sayings on it, i went out and bought some new card stock, its hard to find good stuff in canada, i find that i can get some really good pattern paper... but what if you just need regular colours.... why is this so hard to find! ha ha...

planning on going over the river (new york state).. to go shopping and hopefully i can get some good prices because it is a very expensive hobby in canada and i have to search for the deals, and the clearance items hehe

but anyways On with my Cards

I hope you love them, feel free to comment, i love to hear what you guys think... if i should add something... if i should have done something that i didnt do...

Thank you!


  1. Cute! I am hoping to get the Paisley cartridge tomorrow. Good Luck and have fun if you go shopping in NY.


  2. i found it at michaels for 14.99! crazy stuff!


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