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6:23 PM
Hey guys, sitting back watching some American Idol and thought i would leave a little note on my Blog

This is my first time having a blog, and im finding it very enjoyable... i would like to start making videos but i have no idea how to start!... This blog so far has already put me in a Craft show in my Community, and i feel like i have found a passion in me, creating things that make people smile and happy

When people were looking through my cards, it was like they were looking through a part of me, as if each card was my baby and they were accepting them into their hearts

It was a very cool feeling

Anywho, with that being said i just wanted to say every view of my Blog and every Follower is so much appreciated you have no idea, and by your support i hope that i can keep going strong, and be everything i hope to be

Thank you guys, it means alot!


  1. Your cards are adorable! I am a new blogger too, and you are very talented! I came across your blog from your entry at MPS and I am now a follower :)


  2. Aloha Ashley...
    I am new to this blogging world as well and I'm luving it...I just enjoy seeing other peeps kreative kreations...I am a new follower...hope you do the same...

  3. not sure exactly how this works but I am following you now. PS. I sell my photo binder clips for 3.50. Hope you did well at your craft show.


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