Baby Shower invitations

I was given a Challenge to make baby shower invitations for my sister in law! so i thought long and hard and did some research and i found an adorable onesie card so i decided to make my own version of this card

I measured 1 and 1/4 in (this is the pencil marks).. where i thus used a 2inch circle punch and lined them up as i punched them out
After i punched out the circles for the leg holes and neck hole, i measured 3 quarters in and used a ruler and drew a line from the inside of the arm pit area to the top of the leg hold and cut along these lines to give it some shape

 i cut out 2 inch circles and stamped its a girl on them, and placed them on spring breeze green scalloped circles
 This is the Stamp set i got the stamp from, super cute, and great for the baby annoucement
 This is my cricut cutting out all the scalloped circles
 i used a polkadot cuttlebug folder, and embossed them, and then used the spring breeze card stock to edge the arm holes, leg holes, and neck hole
 it was alittle difficult to do the leg holes and neck holes, so i glued scalloped circles down and used my circle punch to re-cut the circle leg hole
 I found this adorable Stamp that i thought was perfect since it is an article of clothing
 the scalloped circles that will be placed on the front
 all finished and waiting for decorations!
 i used pop dots to put the its a girl on

I will put up a picture of the finished product (but so far i think everyone loved them!)

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