5 Household Cheap tools for Crochet/knitting

 5 Household cheap tools for Crocheting and knitting

1. )  Bobby Pins as Stitch markers

Cheap and you can get a lot of them for only $1 at your local dollar store, they come in a few different sizes depending on the yarn you are using!

2.)  Homemade yarn bowl! 

Choose your size bowl for your size yarn attach a paper clip to the side of the bowl, slip the yarn through the arms of the paper clip and instant yarn bowl! 
Most people have one of these paper clips kicking around and if not they are at the dollar store usually between 4-6 of them for $1, and who doesnt have a bowl? haha!

3.) Hair clips!

Use these guys to keep your stash nice and neat! you can easily get these about 8 for a $1 at your dollar store and they will help keep those ends nice and tidy against your ball! (especially if you have little kitties that have a tendency to find those ends and ruin your stash!)

4.)  Milk Bag, Pack opener

If you have little ones that like to steal your scissors throw a few of these in your stash to help snip your yarn when you fasten off, you can find these at a dollar store or hardware store, fairly cheap and if you live in ontario where they have bagged milk then your probably already have one kicking around!

5.) Measuring Tape!

These take of zero space in your stash bag, and you never have to worry about a ruler snapping during travel or being confused as a weapon in your carry on. They are always $1 at your dollar store and its great tool to have to make sure your gauge is on point!


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