Top Free Crochet Kitchen Essentials

Top Free Crochet Kitchen Essentials

1.) These super adorable tea towels that will hang off your oven handle perfectly, never have to pick up a fallen tea towel again! I love these ones over at Snappy totsTea Towels

2.) Also at Snappy tots - Bottle Scrubbies I love this idea! those bottle cleaners never last very long, save some money and you can throw them right in the wash! how adorable! 

3.) Loving these crochet hot pads, perfect to place your hot dishes on to preserve the life of your tables and add a punch of colour! - another great free pattern from Snappy tots - Hot Pads

3.) These fantastic scrubbies are very gentle on your expensive pots and pants and so easy to make! now you can buy this yarn at michaels! but you can always take some tules cut into strips and use that! free great pattern over at Ravelry! Nylon Scubbies
 4.) Add some whimsy to your table with these adorable coasters! great to add a punch of colour or for a wonderful gift for a friends! Found this gem over at Ravelry Daisy Coaster

5.) what an adorable Tea Pot cozy! keep your tea hot a little longer with this adorable tea pot cozy over at Yarnspirations Cupcake Teapot Cozy
6.) a quick little project to use with your current tea towel stash!, helps keep them neatly on your oven door handles or hook one of these onto a drawer handle where its not really possible to hang a towel. Super easy project and another great gift! Found this over at Karen J crochets - Towel Holder

7.) These dish clothes are the best dish clothes you will ever own! they wash up great and are gentle on your surfaces, i love to use sugar and cream yarn, i found this over at - Dish Cloth

Hope you enjoy this list and come on over to my youtube channel and connect with me! i post Free pattern tutorials so come on over and check them out!

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