2 ways - How to join Afghan Blocks

Two ways on how to join hexagon blocks!

Today on my you tube i show you guys how to join your afghan blocks in two different methods! 

I posted a tutorial for my hexagon block so if you can scroll down to the post before this to check out the pattern or click the link to watch the video instructions 
The first method is crocheting together

This is how it appears from the front

This is how it appears from the back, you can see a line throughout the back of the whole afghan but it you display it from the front you wont see it and its still a great and very secure method of joining your afghan! 

The second method is Sewing! 

your will need a darning needle and cut off a piece of coordinating yarn

This is a very seamless way of doing things and looks very nice and clean from both sides!, not as secure as the crocheting method but still very secure!

For a step by step tutorial please visit my youtube channel and watch the video! 

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