Fabric dying Crochet / knit Creations

Fabric dying Crochet Creations

Today im going to be trying my hand at some fabric dying but with my cupcake afghan block

i used Dylon brand dye in china blue and flamingo pink

 Paint brush and remicans filled with water water

 Add the dye until it is as vibrant as you would like, add little for light blue, add alot of dark blue
  use an old rag to protect the portions you don't want dye to accidentally drip onto

i found it too bright so i let the dye sit for a while and then rinsed it out, to set the dye use a hair dryer to dry it, if its a flat project you can use an iron.

This would be great to make a whole blanket and have all the bobble stitches pop! or put a block in a frame and decorate a childs room.

a pdf pattern for this afghan block is provided on this blog and also on ravelry! 

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and watch the demo video www.youtube.com/charmedbyashley



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