Sandwich Wrap sewing Tutorial

Sandwich Wrap sewing Tutorial

 Starting off with Two pieces measuring 12" x 12" 
For this tutorial i used a Cotton fabric for the outside 
 And the plastic fabric is called PLU which is used for waterproof items such as diaper covers, bibs and bedding! 
They have this in a Food safe located over at But you can use Plastic table cloth or anything you have on hand that would be considered waterproof!
 Placing the right sides together and the rubber side on the PLU will be considered the right side for this project,
  Sew all the way around leaving a 3" gap for turning
 Flip it right side out and this is what you will have! now its time to top stitch the edges while sewing up the hole you used for turning

From here depending on the material you are using it can get a little tricky as the rubber material doesnt LOVE to feed through a sewing machine so an awesome *TIP* to combat this is to place tissue paper (the stuff you put in a gift bag)  under your work, you can cut strips to follow the seam or just cut a 12 x 12 piece and place it under the whole project .

After your finishing sewing top stitching all the edges you will have tissue paper caught in the seam and you can just rip all that off

Now its time to cut your Velcro and your going to cut a short piece of the loops and a longer piece with the threads so that you have more room to adjust depending on the size of your sandwich

Put the loops on the PLU and the Threads on the cotton fabric in this way and then do the same with the other two corners, make sure they are opposite of one another

Your going to have to pull out the tissue paper for the long pieces as shown

(if you dont have any issue with getting your projects through your machine then of course disregard the paper tissue all together)

This is what it looks like afterwards and i just rip it all off (it really stops a huge headache from happening by doing this, otherwise the PLU starts to gather and its not fun stitch ripping this fabric!)
And than your done! 
Fantastic way to keep bags out of the landfill and teach your children about keeping the Eartch garbag free! make up a bunch and you can toss these into the washing machine with your dish towels! and yes they are safe to dry in the dryer! 

I will be making a video tutorial soon so keep an eye out for that on my youtube channel
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