Travel Arm Project Bag - crochet and knitters!

Travel Arm Project Bag - crochet and knitters! 

Welcome to the written instructions to how to make a Arm Travel Project bag ideal for crochets and knitters but any other projects would work well too such a needle point and so on! 

Starting with Two pieces of fabric one being the lining and the other the outer fabric which will be seen the most (so something cute!) 

 Measuring out 9" from each end of the fabric to create the vertical line, and then mark 3.5" into that line from the top and bottom to create a horizontal line, using a cup or something circular i create a curve at each corner (refer to diagram) Sewing along the 3.5" line across to the other 3.5" line making sure to sew along the curve at the corners

 <--Sewing along the curved corner

Once you have it sewn like this then you cut off the excess fabric (discard or save for another project!) 

cut slits into the curves for easy flipping so it will lay nice and flat (reduces the bulk once flipped)

Flip right side out and top stitch the seam you just finished sewing
 Close up of the top stitch, makes it look more finished and professional (quarter of an inch seam allowance is perfect!)

Place right sides together (with the strap hidden inside) 

It seems awkward at first but it works out, you will have a rectangle and you basically just sew all 4 sides leaving a 3-4" gap for turning

Snip all 4 corners like this to reduce bulk when flipping and creates a nice crisp corner

Here is the 3" hole i left for flipping and now its time to flip!! 

Once flipped you will sew up that seam and it will be completely hidden inside the bag

Sew up the seam doesn't have to be pretty because it wont be seen ever again! 

Can i just say how much i love this fabric! crocheting at the beach? haha!

Here are my two bags that i made! 

If these instructions were at all difficult to understand please head over to my youtube channel

Where i have a video tutorial and will clear up any uncertenties! 

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