DIY vintage looking Sled photo prop

Hey guys!

 so Ive been looking for a sled for a photo prop for my photography business and of course they are so friggen expensive! so i took to zee pinterest and VOILA! link to the pattern below but i will show you how mine went :D
I decided to use some scrap plywood i had at home and i pulled out my brand new jigsaw (still in the box...) and popped the blade in,  tried to cut a few things and it just was bad... so bad!!

so i went over to home depot and grabbed some finer blades (duh haha) and 2 planks of wood, they were 1x10x8

For this project you will need
  • 1″ x 10″ piece of knotty pine, 8 feet long. (get a couple just... in case )
  • Wood screws – 1 1/2"
  • Sandpaper (sander would be perfect if you plan to put small children)
  • Paint and/or stain ( i used red stain and a walnut stain)
  • Drill - to assemble and to drill the wholes for the rope
  • Rope for the rope... ? haha 
  • Foam brush or a ton of rags that will go into the garbage right after

this is the rope i got, its that perfect "classic" rope, got it for like $5

so for about an hour of strategically trying to cut out these shapes from my planks of wood i finally! got it all cut out... (not crazy about the jig saw lol, power tools terrify me) 

I used walnut stain and red stain, i painted it on with a foam brush waited a few minutes and then wiped it off with an old rag

before i stained i power sanded the hell out of it until it was as smooth as a babies bottom but i wouldnt say that its totally necessary if its used for decor in your house or front porch but because i intend to put children on it.

I also reduced the length of the pattern by 7" and i still think its a good size, both my children fit on it comfortably

Then i assembled it, which was fun... i imagine when i do shoot this i would photoshop out the screws cuz they dont look great :/ main a dab of stain would disguise them a little.

 i think it turned out really nice! i would also love it in all walnut so i may make another... and find some embellishments next time i head over to michaels

I took this photo so you could see the size of it in relation to a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old, perfect for a photo prop in my opinion!! 


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