Casserole Caddie sewing tutorial

Here is a diagram for the pieces you will need to cut

to get started please head over to my youtube channel to watch the tutorial! 

Once you have the perimeter sewn then you will flip right side out poking out the corners

we left this 3" hole for easy flipping on one side of the square

 Once flipped we will do a top stitch on the entire perimeter to finish off the edge, it will be a little tricky where the long strap meets the corn so i just skip the corner and sew across from the one flat edge to the other

 placing the dish length ways under the long strap, place the long strap through one short strap and then the second short strap
 stick some serving spoons in there and your off! now you can carry all those gifts in the other hand! haha
So here it is! so handy! and im sure your friends will all wonder where you got it ;)

Like the fabric? Big  Thanks to for providing the fabric for this tutorial!

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