Ombre Glitter Champagne flutes

Ombre Glitter Champagne flutes

Things you will need, Glass of some sort i chose to use champagne flutes purchased from the dollar store

Mod Podge
Fine Glitter - Wow brand
Paint brush
masking tape ( i had packing time in reach)
 Watch the video! ^^

Tape off the part you dont want any glitter to fall, i taped off about 1" from the lip of the glass as that is where your lips will land when drinking and you dont want glitter in your mouth of course!

paint on a thin coat of the mod podge all over the surface of the glass where you want your glitter to fall, i painted mine till the bottom of the glass stopping before the stem

gently poor on glitter onto the top half of the painted surface where you want the most glitter, you will have alot of fall off but put a sheet of paper under you so you can poor it back into the jar

tap the glitter at the top of the glass where the tape is to create a nice solid sharp line

when you have about half of your painted surface glittered pile on more glitter ontop and gently tap the bottom of the glass on the table keeping the glass slanted to allow the glitter to fall down the glass and onto the rest of the mod podge, this will cause less glitter to fall and create a faded look (Ombre) 

 The mod podge appears white atm but will dry clear

Remove the tape carefully and let stand to dry!, if you feel the glitter is not secure enough feel free to paint on a layer of mod podge on top of the glitter after this is dry

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