DIY Christmas Decor Sled

       On the Hunt for a "vintage style" sled for my photography business, searching through listings on etsy, ebay, wood working websites i came to the realization that it would take a couple hundred bucks to get a sled and well... that just isn't in the budget. I'm a small photography business working out of my living room (literally next to my kitchen and dining room) and with the cost of backdrops i just couldn't justify it, so i took to pinterest to see if i could find something... or some ideas.. and i found one! and it cost $10 for the wood,$5 for the screws, $15 for two types of stains ( but i already have the walnut stain so that saved me a bit of money for the project) and a rope! 

 I found this great pattern over at fynes design and had to give it a try!

You will need:
      I bought the 1 x 10" piece of pine and cut out the pieces and well.. that wasnt fun for me. i would def skip that step and just by 1 x 4" piece and sand them down nicely, cutting them to the size of the pattern. 
    me and my jigsaw arnt really friends, its a tad terrifying for me so the least amount i can use it the better! 

So i cut out all the pieces, took me a few hours, and then i spent another hour sanding it down, every single corner since i will have small children on this sled i cant risk splinters or cuts. I stained each piece before assembly as its alot easier

I used oil and water based (oil takes 24 hours to dry)

i pre assembled and place screws along the top of the plants and the sides to attach the inner struts

I drilled a hole on either side of the foot board to attach a piece of rope and knot it from the other side to prevent it from coming back out

here is the finished product on a wood floor with a barn door backdrop and a piece of fur i purchased at the fabric store and some decor i found at home sense!

this sled was a hit with the customers! the kids loved it and so did the parents! everyone requested a photo with it!. i will post some photos of kids on it :D

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