Crochet Pacifier Clips

Hey guys! Welcome to my new Friday video coming out Feb 12th! here are the instructions on how to make these adorable pacifier clips and head on over to my youtube channel to stay tuned for the video instructions :D
Things you will need: Suspender clip, link is provided where to purchase them
Yarn of your choice, im using seafoam green by red heart soft
and 3.5mm crochet hook

to begin, secure your yarn onto the suspender clip by tying a few knots, and ch1

 row 1 - 5sc (6 including the ch 1) turn work
Row 2 - ch1, 5sc - turn work
row 3 - ch1, 5sc - turn work
**row 4 - ch1, 2sc in the next two stitches, 5sc in the next (remove hook, put hook through first sc in the same stitch, pull the loop through that stitch to sinch the 5 sc together, then ch1) 2sc, turn work
row 5 - ch1, 5sc, turn work
row 6 - ch1, 5sc, turn work
row 7 - ch1, 5sc, turn work
 repeat from Row 4 to Row 7 until the length that you prefer

to start the decrease
sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, turn work
sc3tog to finish it off, chain 17 and fasten off then sew the end  back to the top of the chain to create a loop

attach pacifier clip, toys, rattles, anything you want to secure so it doesn't go to the floor gods lol

please hash tag #charmedbyashley if you make any of these and follow on instagram and facebook and of course visit my youtube channel to watch the tutorial for this!

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