Psh I can make that!

 This is my first Episode of Psh i can make that! Where i find something either online or in a store that i think i could totally make for way cheaper and share with you! 

Today i was surfing on and found super cute Jewelry Cone holders and i thought i could totally make that!

 So i started with White Granite Primo Sculpey clay and Rolled into a cone as you can see, easy enough! i placed a straight pin into the bottom for stability and i placed a straight pin through the cone to create the earing holder
 Meant for display on a dresser or in the bathroom, beautiful and creates a display for your favorite pieces of jewelry.
 The earing holder, designed to hold dangly earings

 Because this is not ceramic as the original and is fairly light placing some clay or sticky tak on the bottom to help keep it from falling over
Please Check out the video to watch exactly how i made these 
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