Pikachu Perler Bead tutorial

Ok im sorry.. yes im playing Pokemon go! lol! and im 32... anyhow i love to do perler bead stuff on my youtube channel so once and a while you just might see a post of my latest perler bead creation

If you dont love perler beads maybe you have a child who needs a new craft! hope you enjoy :D

 Start with a standard perler bead board, this one is 29pegs by 29pegs
Grab some beads and if you have access to an ikea you can get a very large container for id say no more then $10 or you can find them over at your local michaels, johann, hobby lobby

Separate out yellow, black, red, and 2 white beads 

 One by one place your perler beads, be sure to keep it on a steady work surface or one bump can ruin a whole project! (ive seen it done...)
For a time lapse video of me doing this project
Thanks so much and dont forget to subscribe when your over at my youtube channel!

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