Crochet Ribbing tutorial

Thinking about all the different winter projects i can make hats,scarves, sweaters, socks

Alot of projects would look great with ribbing on it! Just posted a video tutorial on how to crochet ribbing to add to these projects

Pattern for ribbing is very simple and can be translated to any hook / yarn size

this particular ribbing

Ch10, HDC into 2nd from hook, Ch1 turn work
HDC in each stitch through the backloop, ch1 turn work
Continue until the strip is as long as you need

Once finished, single crochet down the side of the ribbing depending on the amount of chains your pattern requires, if attaching to a hat and you need 20" of ch or 60chs, evenly space 60 sc around the ribbing and be sure the ribbing measures 20" (this is an for instance)

Hope you enjoy the tutorial! 

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