Fur stool makeover - Psh i can make that! Episode 2

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Super Old Stool, this bad boy is as sturdy as a rock! they dont make stuff like they use too...


Things you will need! 
 Staple Gun, and Sand paper
 Drill or Screw driver to remove the legs

Remove the legs, paint the legs with spray paint, use a drop cloth as over spray its very possible when trying to keep the paint going on to the legs, do a few coats to make sure an even coat and coverage

For this project i used quilting batting (because i had it on hand) but for extra cushion you could use thick foam from joanns

If using the batting Cut a circle 2 inches larger then the stool seat

 Using the batting as a template i place that on the fur and cut out a circle of Fur
I recommend this be done outside because this fur will get alllllllll over the place, once cut your going to want to shake it off into the wind, this also will get all over your clothes so be prepared :/ haha!
 Staple the batting onto the back of the stool, i chose not to uncover the stool from the old material for fear of the wood not being in the Greatest condition... it seems ok but it doesnt really make a different to me if i did take it off, 8 staples is enough to hold the batting on, once you put the fur on you will put a hell of a lot more hah!
 Put these staples closer to the edge and when you put the fur on put it closer to the centre of the circle to insure you dont hit a staple previous staple
Time to put the fur on! Staple Across from each other, one on one side, then staple directly across from it, keep doing that all the way around sorta like cutting a pie, pulling the fabric tight as you go and flatting the fur down as to not bunch it up in one spot. once you have pin down all around the outside evenly continue stapling every inch of the circle to ensure its nice and secure.

Making sure the legs are dry (which doesnt take long on a beautiful sunny day!) Screw the legs back onto the stool and your done! 

        Kitty Approved!

(there will be a video tutorial posted within the week so look out for that if some of the instructions are fuzzy!) 

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