Faux Fur Pom Pom Tutorial - Crochet / knit / accessories

Short and easy tutorial on how to make this faux fur pom pom

I purchase Fur over at fabricland in canada, they have tons of fur colours and textures all overe! i will provide a link of a suggested fur to use  joanns - http://go.magik.ly/ml/1p83/

I recommend a strong thread for this project

and you need a key ring if turning into a key chain!  

I used a Lid to trace a perfect circle

 Cut out the circle

 Thread your needle with the thread, if you dont have a strong thread double up on your regular thread

every few mm place a stitch leaving the threat loose until you have sewn the entire perimeter of the circle.

 Cinch up the thread and place some polyester fiber fill inside the circle, cinch it up extremely tight and continue to sew the whole close.
From this point either fasten off the whole or attach your finding if making into a keychain
Attach to your favourite backpack, purse or keys!

 Photo credit
This isn't the pom pom that i made but this is an example of what else you can do with these fur pom poms, attach to your favourite hat or beanie, or crochet/ knit a hat to put it on!
I apologize if the photos are not clear, head over to my youtube channel to watch the video tutorial! 

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