Psh i can make that!  Episode 2
I found this cat pillow over at and though i can make that!
Click the link to check it out!

so i ordered a couple throw pillow covers from ebay for $1.99CND, and some pillow inserts from Ikea, and some dimensional paint from Walmart (all links will be provided for what i used beneath this)
 dimensional paint 9.54USD - 5 pack -
Pillow case - $1.70USD -

to see the video of how i made it click the video below!

If you don't have dimensional paint you can use a fabric paint pen, or use a paint brush
if you already have an extensive collection of acrylic paints you can also use a fabric medium which you add to your paints to turn them into fabric paint! (which is awesome knowing i don't have to go out and buy each colour i need in fabric paint if i already have a stash) 

Fabric medium -
Fabric paint marker -  

Chalk for sketching  -

Drawl out your design using Chalk onto your pillow case
I recommend chalk because it wont stain and can be easy smudged off afterwards!

This is the paint i grabbed from Walmart  
 dimensional paint 9.54USD - 5 pack -

 After drawing your design use the paint with its fine tip and draw out your design, when doing larger areas apply alot of the paint in a zig zag formation and use a tooth pick or brush handle to spread it out evenly to cover the entire eye.

Once finished let dry for 12-48 hours depending on how heavy the coat was
may i add my cat seems a hell of a lot more meaner the the potty barn... this is not a cat you want to cross... haha
and then your done!
and i didnt stop there!! 
This one is super easy and you only need white! i love how this turned out, i placed the centre of the web offset from the middle a bit to give it some interest but this would be super cute with some spiders maybe glued on.

These are purely decorative pillows, i wouldn't recommend sleeping with them as the raised paint doesnt feel so nice on the skin, it feels cool to the touch but not against the face lol

Hope you enjoy!

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