Super cute Headband Free Pattern!

Super easy cute knotted headband perfect accessories on the chilly fall days
This is a Crochet Pattern

5mm Hook
Worsted weight yarn, I used the knew Caron cakes! loving this colour


Chain 70, or until 20"/50cm long (or measure for your head or the head of the recipient), attached the chain ends with a slip stitch to  create a loop, try not to twist the chain.

Row 1 - Ch2, hdc in each ch, slip stitch to finish the row, ch2
Row 2-6 - DC into each stitch, slip stitch and finish row, ch2
Row 7 - Hdc in each stitch, slip stitch to finish row, fasten off.


Row 1 - DC into 2nd from hook, DC in each stitch, ch2, turn your work (7)
Row 2 - 5 - DC in each stitch, ch 2 and turn your work.
Row6 - DC in each stitch, fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing

Wrap the knot around the headband covering the seam of the headband, sew the not together to create a loop around the headband, stitch into the headband to keep it in place.

If using a thicker yarn measure the knot piece as you go to make sure it fits around the headband and creates a nice gather.

Super easy pattern, you will find these all over the place and even in stores! one ball of yarn and you can make a ton of them for all your friends!

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To get the pattern for the Cat ear headband click this link! 


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  2. Does hdc mean half double crochet? I have never read the abriviations for crochet stitches.


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